SLS welcomes Parents to the New Normal in education

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As we enter our 45th founding year, San Lorenzo School is again breaking ground to bring education to the new level – a digital platform – while facing another “storm” (this viral pandemic storm)! Despite the restrictions that all educational institutions have to endure with the global pandemic, we will continue to adapt to the challenging environment and find solutions that will allow us to continue delivering the right education to our students and lead them toward the right direction.

San Lorenzo School takes a lot of pride in quality education that Builds the child’s Character over years of continuous training that Fosters Growth, Inspires Minds, Emboldens Hearts, and Cultivates Christian Values whether we are onsite (in campus) or online (in the virtual environment). The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development forms the holistic growth that empowers every child to face the real world with knowledge, skills, and competencies founded on relevant substance rather than aesthetics. In order to ensure learning continuity while the viral threat continues to separate students from the educational institutions, SLS and its trusted partners in education have prepared in advance for a modified learning modality, trained our faculty with existing supplemental programs and new technologies, upgraded our digital infrastructure, and formulated new policies that will adapt to the digital environment which will serve as our new learning environment and ensure that delivery of advanced education in Science, Technology, English, Mathematics and other subject areas will remain consistent.

We have reasserted in our School Philosophy our belief that the growth of a strong nation is dependent on the development of its citizens with deeply-rooted cultural heritage but globally competent character; who can help build a better civilization that can harmoniously coexist with God’s creation – which is what San Lorenzo School had been doing already for several years and we plan to accomplish this through the child whom we train and mold to be the hope and agent of positive change in the future.

Therefore, at the beginning of this school year 2020-2021, we had to express our School’s Vision more clearly: that we are an agent of change and a producer of productive global citizens characterized by Filipino resilience who will not just be passive participants but active contributors in the near future to the economic prosperity, national development, international solidarity, environmental protection, and positive social transformation through excellence in teaching and community involvement.

To make the Vision a reality, we have to be committed to our School’s Mission to foster a Christian community that emulates SAN LORENZO RUIZ’ steadfast faith and unwavering devotion to God; and enhance academic excellence in every San Lorenzonian by establishing relevant, responsive, adaptive, and technologically-oriented academic and value-laden non-academic programs. Your school’s well-balanced curricula and well-planned academic program holistically prepares and promotes the student’s growth in sequential stages of development – from the pre-elementary, to the elementary, and the high school levels – to produce a San Lorenzonian who is fully equipped to complete the journey through higher education towards the fulfillment of its vision.

It is OUR Goal therefore to enable on any platform – real or virtual – the child to acquire basic skills, enhance his potentials, imbibe and inculcate spiritual, moral / ethical, and civic values geared to the development of a God-loving and patriotic citizen that preserves and promote Filipino values, culture, and heritage with genuine concern for the natural environment, achieving self-discipline, effective communication skills, and social and global awareness that promotes a peaceful and orderly society. This shall be embodied through building a strong educational foundation necessary for his development into a productive, versatile, and competitive 21st century global and digital citizen.

Now all of the above-mentioned offerings will not be as successful if we will be left alone to deliver all the work – especially during this period of Distance Learning. We are only able to bring education closer to your home but we will still need the participation of the parents/guardians/ or responsible members of your family to ensure home reinforcement to help ensure a stimulating, and valid learning experience for your child. That is why we are very glad collaborate again with you, dear parents and guardians, because we need you to be proactive in reinforcing / strengthening your child’s education at home which is easier this time around – a blessing in disguise. It’s the only way that you can be confident enough to make sure that your child is learning. Monitoring your child’s progress will help you recognize the efficiency or effectivity of his/her learning process.

In order to help strengthen the social development of your child despite the distance that separates us, we need your participation to actively promote proper communication using the communication tools that technology has to offer, in order to strengthen relationships among family members and the members of the school community. Timely and personal communication through the proper channels or office will help both of us understand your concerns and the concerns of your child much better. By sharing the good that we do to other people through productive communication, we can help our SLS Family continue growing into a stronger community.

Your active involvement and support as well in online PTA initiated activities and projects will also contribute to the improvement in your parenting skills. Your full cooperation and support is truly necessary in implementing and enforcing the policies and regulations that promote safety, discipline, and proper conduct will not only contribute in the proper formation of your child but it will also help maintain an orderly institution and contribute to an orderly society.

Our positive and productive collaboration will not only help your child successfully experience a unique form of education that their generation should fondly remember (rather than regret for the rest of their lives), but hopefully contribute to their stage of development on the way to become as successful like the San Lorenzonian graduates that you might see gracing the walls of our institution, our website, or social media. And with that in mind, we welcome you all once again to the San Lorenzo School Family and we look forward to witness the fruitful growth of your children with us – even from just behind the computer screens.

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