San Lorenzo School, a reputable center for youth education, strongly believes that quality education is extremely essential to the growth of a strong nation, and thus, aspires to:

  1. Maintain academic strength through continuous upgrading of the school’s instruction in all subject areas as well as rigid training and competence building of all school personnel;
  2. Prepare and promote holistically the students’ growth and sequential development, from preschool to senior high school, through its well-balanced curricula; and
  3. Produce San Lorenzonians who are fully equipped to complete the journey through higher education towards the fulfillment of its vision.


To accomplish the school’s general goals, San Lorenzo School therefore aims:

  1. To enable on any platform – real or virtual – the child to acquire basic skills, enhance his potentials as a human being, as well as to fully understand himself;
  2. To imbibe and inculcate spiritual, moral / ethical, and civic values geared to the development of a God-loving and patriotic citizen with genuine concern for the natural environment
  3. To cultivate in the child’s total being the need to appreciate, uphold, preserve, and put into practice Filipino values, culture, and heritage;
  4. To develop self-discipline, effective communication skills, and social and global awareness that will help maintain and promote a peaceful and orderly society; and
  5. To acquire a strong educational foundation necessary for his development into a productive, versatile, and competitive 21st century global and digital citizen.


SAN LORENZO SCHOOL is rooted upon the core values that it upholds and subsequently instills the BASICS in every San Lorenzonian towards the realization of the school’s vision and mission.

B alance. Aiming for holistic development, students are provided opportunities to grow and improve not just academically but also personally.

A ccountability. Every San Lorenzonian is committed to take ownership of and is held responsible for one’s decision and action.

S ense of Civic Duty. A sense of patriotism is instilled through the promotion of social awareness and genuine concern for our community and country.

I nnovation. San Lorenzo School constantly collaborates with other stakeholders and finds creative, novel ways to remain competent and relevant amidst the ever-changing times.

C hristian Values. While remaining non-sectarian, spiritual growth is fostered by cultivating love for and faith in God, and extending compassion towards others.

S ustainable Development. Responsible stewardship is imparted by advocating for the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for a lasting harmonious relationship of our society with the environment.

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