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Philosophy and Objectives


San Lorenzo School, a reputable center for youth education, strongly believes that quality education is extremely essential to the growth of a strong nation through the development of its people with firmly-rooted heritage but globally competent character.

It begins by establishing a valuable partnership with parents in a community in developing their children, consistently maintaining and inculcating the promotion and furtherance of the purpose of their children by helping them harness their full potentials to become the best persons that they can be – as creative social agents in the building of a better civilization that can harmoniously coexist with God’s natural creation.

San Lorenzo School believes in the innate goodness of the individual because of Christ’s life in him. Given the necessary trust and nurturing for independence, consistent training and guidance in Christian moral values, and a prepared environment, the child will spontaneously constitute into a person who will be a “citizen of the world”; a “complete human being able to exercise in freedom, a self-disciplined will and judgment unperverted by prejudice and undistorted by fear.

By helping our people realize that we are all spiritually united in building a better world, San Lorenzo School plans to accomplish this through the child whom we train and mold to be the hope and agent of positive change in the future.


Though San Lorenzo School is co-educational and non-sectarian, it provides teaching about Christian Living to students regardless of religious affiliation. Its academic strength is maintained by dedicated administrators, competent teachers, continuous upgrading of the school’s instruction in all subject areas, consistent faculty training, rigid academic supervision, improving facilities, and adaptability to evolving trends in the 21st century. The school’s well-balanced curricula and well-planned academic program holistically prepares and promote the student’s growth in sequential stages of development – from the pre-elementary, to the elementary, and the high school levels – to produce a San Lorenzonian who is fully equipped to complete the journey through higher education towards the fulfillment of its vision.

San Lorenzo School therefore aims:
1. To enable on any platform – real or virtual – the child to acquire basic skills, enhance his potentials as a human being, as well as to fully understand himself;
2. To imbibe and inculcate spiritual, moral / ethical, and civic values geared to the development of a God-loving and patriotic citizen with genuine concern for the natural environment;
3. To cultivate in the child’s total being the need to appreciate, uphold, preserve, and put into practice Filipino values, culture, and heritage;
4. To develop self-discipline, effective communication skills, and social and global awareness that will help maintain and promote a peaceful and orderly society; and
5. To acquire a strong educational foundation necessary for his development into a productive, versatile, and competitive 21st century global and digital citizen.