High School / Secondary Level

In order to ensure quality education in the Secondary Level, San Lorenzo School follows the Desired Learning Competencies for the different subject areas such as English, Filipino, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Technology and Livelihood Education, Information Technology, Music Arts Physical Education and Health, and Values Education.

This level aims to discover and enhance the different aptitudes and interests of the student so as to hone his talent and equip him with competitive skills and information to better prepare him for the business world, or to further his formal studies in higher education.

ac3General Curriculum (Grade 7 to Grade 10) – Students in this curriculum are provided with the required units for the respective subject areas with exposure to experiential activities in line with entrepreneurial development in information technology, retailing, accounting, and basic management.

Science Curriculum (Grade 7 to Grade 10) – Students qualified in this curriculum are provided with advanced Science and Mathematics subjects with additional units as prescribed by the Department of Education in preparation for the Science courses they will be taking in the Collegiate level.