Academic Program – Preschool

San Lorenzo School aims to develop the total well being of a child that is geared toward academic and moral excellence, building a strong foundation of values and knowledge beginning in the formative years.

NURSERY – This caters to children from 3½ to 4 years old. In this introductory level, scholastic activities that promote social adjustment toward social development is the main thrust. The approach is Montessori in nature, based from the philosophy of Maria Montessori, the proponent of Montessoriac1 Education.

JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN / JR. CASA – This level has a concentration of 4 to 5½ year old children. At this stage, emphasis is toward “growing and developing” rather than in “knowing”. The children are guided to develop themselves through movement, particularly in self-care and care of the environment through Practical Life Activities. The child’s intelligence is developed through the use of Sensorial materials that introduce the child to Language, Mathematics, Cultural Arts, and Computer Education through edutainment. The activities provided in a prepared environment enable each child to teach himself and thereby construct himself.

SENIOR KINDERGARTEN / SR. CASA – This level, which corresponds to the ‘Preparatory Level’ in other schools, has a concentration of 5½ to 6½ year old. This stage is characterized primarily by the sensitive periods of reading, writing, and other direct learning of skills. The children are directly prepared to read, write, and count through subjects in Language, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, Music and Arts, and Computer Education.

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