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SLS @ 45: Overcoming, Building, Sustaining

From 1975: when the means of communication was limited in reach, telegraph was still widely used, telephones were all wired, long distance calls needed human operators to connect, radio was widely used, television had fewer channels, news information was centralized, learning resources have to be borrowed and returned, and traveling took longer but we never lost patience.


To 2020: after 45 years of social, political, and educational transcendence that brought various kinds of developments in infrastructure, improvements in transportation, convenience in communications, accessibility of various types of information, and difficulties in adapting through every period of transition – including periods of disaster, deluge, or depression that we are experiencing this year on a global scale, San Lorenzo School continues to beat the odds in order to bridge distances and advance its educational services that needs to bring the necessary growth and positive changes in the lives of its students and their mentors as well.


            In a world with a society that never stops evolving, the cycle of change will always remain. Adapting to changes require constant updating of knowledge, sharpening of skills, learning from past mistakes, and widening of perspectives in order to anticipate future events – events that could bring fortune or disaster. Our founders could not have foreseen the global misfortune that we are experiencing today 100 years ago but the training that they shared which was founded on principles that promote competitiveness and excellence helped develop the San Lorenzonian character that enabled us to withstand difficulties, adversities, and even tragedies for generations.


By upholding its commitment to promote excellence academically and morally for more than 4 decades, San Lorenzo School has surpassed its vision of producing productive citizens of this country who did not just participate in the economic prosperity and national development, but has developed and honed the skills and talents of its students that enabled them to become global citizens who easily adapted to different environments outside their homeland, and are now contributing to the socio-economic development this nation and even foreign nations that they have embraced and called their new home. And as global citizens who are not only skillful in the art of new technology, we are reasserting our commitment to develop learners who will grow up to become contributors to international solidarity, and possessing the passion to protect the environment that we all have to share with the rest of God’s creation beyond the succeeding generations.

Whether we are in times of abundance or times of crises, San Lorenzo School will remain steadfast in collaborating with our reliable partners in education, the stakeholders in our community, and our local and national government in order to sustain our mission to fulfill our vision for generations beyond our lifetime… because our Almighty Creator did not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love, and self-control that will enable us SAN LORENZONIANS to OVERCOME CHALLENGES, BUILD RESILIENCE, and SUSTAIN EXCELLENCE.