• Deserving students from low-income families could avail of free tuition and other fees for the entire school year (Subject to approval by the board of directors)
  • Academic Scholarships are also given to Kindergarten, Grade Six, and Grade 10 students who belong to the top three and top five of their classes respectively.
    • First Honors/Valedictorian               free tuition fees and other fees
    • Second Honors/Salutatorian            50% discount on tuition and other fees
    • Third Honors/First Hon. Mention   30% discount on tuition and other fees
    • Second Hon. Mention                          20% discount on tuition and other fees
    • Third Hon. Mention                             15% discount on tuition and other fees
  • Performance Incentives are granted to students on their commencement exercises who showed exceptional performance in DepEd endorsed inter-school competitions in the Provincial, Regional, and National level.
  • Education Service Contracting (ESC) subsidy through the Government Assistance for Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE) program, managed by the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC), is granted to qualified incoming Grade 7 students and shall continue to be partially subsidized until the student reaches Grade 10. (Currently at P 9,000.00 per year)
    Interested applicants may download the Education Service Contracting (ESC) Application Form and submit the accomplished form with ID photo and ITR / Certificate of Employment with supporting documents to the Admissions office.
  • Senior High School Voucher provided by the government is granted to incoming Grade 11 Senior High School students and shall continue to receive the voucher until Grade 12. (Currently at P 14,000.00 per year)
  • Family Discounts on tuition fees for one school year are given to families with three or more children enrolled in the school.
    • Five children                                         75% discount on tuition of the fifth child
    • Four children                                        50% discount on tuition of the fourth child
    • Three children                                      25% discount on tuition of the third child
  • Loyalty Discounts on fees for one school year are given to a child or children of an alumnae or alumnus of San Lorenzo School (or Quality Kindergarten Schoolhouse). These include the preschool graduates from 1975 to 1981, elementary graduates from 1988 to 1993, and high school graduates from 1998 onward.
    • Alumni Discount                                  10% discount on tuition per child


  • Transferees applying for a scholarship grant are subject for approval.
  • All scholarship grants are good for one (1) school year. However, the grant may continue for the succeeding school year/s as long as the student maintains his/her scholastic standing in the overall top three ranks.
  • ESC grant and SHS Voucher shall continue to be provided by the Philippine government every year until the end of the Junior High School or Senior High School course, provided that the student remain enrolled and in good academic standing every year.
  • All scholars are required to pay the Pre-enrolment fees which are not included in discounts.

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